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7-Eleven Replenish

The Strategy

Given the dominance of national brands in the sports drink market, 7-Eleven’s decision to launch their very own electrolyte hydration beverage ‘Replenish’ was considered bold and innovative. Equator's strategy was to create a design and name that strongly competes with major players, while broadening the appeal to health and wellness-conscious consumers with a more holistic positioning. Taking performance cues from the category, the design features a focus on flavor and refreshment. Images of the fruit flavor are central, while clear areas of the shrink-sleeve reveal the product, creating a sleek, dynamic silhouette.

The Response

Flavor-coding places emphasis in the ‘Re’ of the Replenish wordmark, and bold typography is used to create impact in the product name and key health benefits (100% daily values, ZERO artificial flavors etc.). A color-coded dashboard also provides quick reference for nutritional content. After the first month of launch, the range was 7-Eleven's most successful comparatively, with new flavors and zero calorie variants now being developed.