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Co-Op Bakery

The Story

Customers love the quality and freshness found in Co-op’s in-store bakery. Refreshing the packaging and POS of this popular department would mean building on the bakery range’s integrally authentic and traditional feel. One key feature we would expand on was the bakery’s brown paper bags: available whether customers bag themselves, or when staff bag instore, adding a printed label. With a clear film window essential for product reveal, the brown paper bags were a legacy format to which customers consistently responded well. Our challenge would be to deliver a noticeably refreshed look and feel, augment the identity of the bakery, and provide differentiation among pre-bagged products, without dissipating any of the character enjoyed by customers.

The Approach

A new wheatsheaf icon serves as an illustrative device bringing a solid sense of identity and consistency across the brown paper bags and stick-on labels. Helping to ease consumer navigation between types of pre-bagged items is a palette of complementary pastel colours, chosen to reflect the sweet nature of the products, featuring item-specific abstract negative space illustrations in keeping with the style of the wheatsheaf. This coloured strip is positioned at the bottom of the bags, so while it enhances the ease of shop and fun factor, it also allows the brown paper to remain dominant. Together with the refreshed POS signage and the appealing look of new wooden racks and pull-out drawers, all elements combine to imbue the feel of a traditional village bakery.