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Co-Op Fresh

The Story

Designing for a category that covers a broad section of fresh, “ready to eat/cook” produce – from a bag of salad to stuffed mushrooms to a stir-fry sauce – we would address legacy colour variations, meant to deliver product differentiation, which had instead diffused the characteristics of the range leaving it ununified. For the updated look, it was essential that the product visuals did the legwork in accomplishing standout and communicating freshness and quality while cooking instructions and callouts provided key information at the shelf edge.

The Approach

Easing navigation for time-pressed customers is a simple off-white central panel, with product titles in capital letters providing maximum clarity. A grid system effectively communicates the health benefits and cooking instructions specific to each product, delivering onpack information in a straightforward way, enabling immediate understanding. A gentle, muted colour palette allows for differentiation across sub-ranges, without resulting into mixed looks across the shelf. Today, the range ticks multiple boxes: it is eye-catching instore, it calms down a busy cross-category POS and lets customers navigate to the right time-saving products with ease.