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Co-op - Grandmas Pizza

The brief

A new range of pizzas was developed to grow the takeaway-style section of Co-op’s pizza offer – inspired by the popular “Grandma” style pizzas of New York City and borne from the traditional recipe Italian-American grandmas have used for generations. The aim was to emulate this homemade feel, as if made in a baking tray, of medium-size, rectangular in shape and piled high with toppings – in popular American flavours including Philly Cheese Steak, Manhattan Five Cheese, Spicy Buffalo Chicken, and Hot Honey Pepperoni. Ideal for sharing, the new-style pizzas were aimed at attracting a younger target market thus falling into neither the premium nor the core pizza ranges. The mid-tier product called for a distinctive look and feel incorporating the NYC recipe story while signalling an elevated product quality, all while remaining faithful to wider Co-op branding.

The solution

Diving deep into the popularity of informal, sharing-style and street/food truck foods among younger consumers, extensive research led our designers to choose a typographic style which would resonate with the target market. Placing the Co-op logo prominently and employing its corporate fonts became our starting point, however we were permitted free rein to carve out a completely innovative new personality for the range. Bright, bold colours deliver great standout on-shelf, and the call-outs of ‘New York Inspired, Piled-high Pizza’ help to sell the concept while artwork gives a nod to the famous NYC skyline. On the back of the pack, further images of New York City accompany the background story of its pizza-making tradition. The overall effect is striking, sure to gain the attention of the younger Co-op pizza shopper craving a slice of homecooked-style American pizza.