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Launching an all-new campaign around America’s most-watched sporting event, Kraft Heinz sought a re-design of its 38oz Heinz Ketchup Bottle, celebrating the big game while bringing the new Heinz Squares game to life. The packaging developed for the specially numbered bottles of the ketchup would feature the numbers 0 to 9, making each label into a potential number that could appear in the final score of the match. The aim? To create a potent boost to consumer engagement, with in store marketing support to drive purchase and participation into the sweepstake promotion.


Our original Match-up bottle design would remain faithful to the brand’s long-established color palette and font, while retaining the label’s white background in line with consumer expectations. Inspired by a “stadium atmosphere” our concept plays up the textural and tonal elements of the football itself, offering a close-up view of the ball and helping consumers to feel as though they are gripping it. The football’s texture radiates out from the promotional digit, while its laces create a visual bridge onto a series of yardline markings. The design also provides clear communication of the ‘Pick. Match. Score.’ game, signalling that there is an interactive element with prizes to be won. Equator is proud that this design is hitting the shelves this month, driving engagement and sales while partnering with such an iconic brand.