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31 May 2019

A Day in the Life of a Junior Designer

This spring, Matt Freeman joined the Equator team in the role of Junior Designer. In this blog post we chat with him about teamwork, standout projects and why it helps to have a killer serve…


Hi, Matt, you’ve recently joined the team, and we’re eager to hear your first impressions. What’s it been like to be a new hire at the flagship studio in Manchester’s Ragged School?

It’s been quite the experience! Equator’s really different from anywhere I’ve worked before – in a good way! I’ve been made to feel part of the team, and I’m enjoying it quite a lot so far…


Where did you work previously to this, and what led you to Equator?

I graduated in Industrial Design and Technology from Brunel University in London last Summer. During my time at University I completed a one-year internship at another packaging design firm. I knew about Equator before applying, and I was really thrilled to land the position here.


What makes Equator feel different from other places you’ve worked?

Definitely the under-one-roof aspect. Here there’s strategists, designers, illustrators, photographers and artwork professionals all in one building – everything’s so immediate. In other places, roles can be contracted out, potentially leaving a window for miscommunication. But here there’s the proximity, plus we’ve all got the same objective. Everyone striving towards the same goal has an impact on the dynamic within the team, as well as the way briefs are approached.

Secondly, I’d say there’s a dialogue around sustainability – there’s a real drive in Equator towards being environmentally friendly. 


Have you had any interactions with the other Equator sites?

There is constant contact between all of the Equator studios, personally I have communicated with both the Nottingham and Chicago studios.


What do you make of the job so far?

I feel like I have been given real responsibility relatively early into my Equator journey. There is also lots of support on hand and training to perform well and continually develop in your role. I feel like the team here genuinely care about you and what you gain from the position. It’s a privilege to learn from some of the most experienced people in this business in terms of design and production. The team always seem to be looking for the next innovation, especially when it comes to illustrative techniques and photography which makes the environment especially dynamic and interesting. They put themselves at the forefront of exciting industry trends and are consistently coming up with new ideas.


What’s your estimation of Equator’s company culture?

It’s a great group of people, and there’s a really good atmosphere. Everyone will get together and talk about briefs, without it feeling formal. There’s a bit of friendly competition, too.


What has stood out for you so far?

The people and work culture feel pretty unique. Everyone is encouraged to work freely and responsibly; so there is more autonomy across the board. Everyone is committed to creating an encouraging and supportive environment that challenges and pioneers Equator’s values – so there’s a strong sense of team working and collaboration.


So what’s the next step in your Equator journey?

I really can’t say for sure, but there are some amazing projects in the works, so watch this space.