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15 February 2019

How Equator brings a Premium brand to life

MD, Gary Flynn shares how something special happens when Equator develops a Prestige brand and how we take it from an initial spark of inspiration through to a sumptuous final design...


Here at Equator, we believe in keeping it real. We have a simple vision to combine great food and honest labelling – while staying on top of the greatest trends in packaging design, both domestic and global. We wrap it all up into a graphic style that provides great standout on shelf and informs customers as to USPs and provenance, while inspiring trust and brand loyalty.


Tiered marketing basics


When it comes to tiered marketing, we begin by developing a distinct architectural and photographic style for each level, from essentials to premium.


Extensive research goes into understanding what resonates with the target audience and how the items will appear in the wider food area and against competitors. We examine everything from food blogs and cook books to chef’s tables and menus, and of course social media, in order to gain insight into how to define territories and drive specific food trends. Attention to details such as distinctive colour palettes (down to choosing an exact shade of white), texture, shape and perspective help us to refine our approach. From these beginnings we establish layout, typographic and stylistic execution.


How sketching leads to great packaging


Sketching ideas is always the first step in the process, as it allows us to generate a high volume of ideas rapidly, and helps the work to originate via an organic creative process. And through this sketching phase, we get to know the brand and work to break through the “tried and true” approach, to think differently and create packaging design that doesn’t just resonate with the client, but is also an individualised approach unlike what’s previously been seen.


As we template these ideas to our client, we offer a range of options, then develop the best of these into a final concept for the product.


Once the product representation and the artistic intention are refined, they instruct the photography, which aims to capture the desired effect in a sharp, vivid depiction perfectly composed.




One way we are doing this is harnessing the power and popularity of the social media phenomenon that is Instagram (you didn’t think I’d say Facebook, did you?). Instagram is the platform on which leading design and photography trends are now being forged, and we encourage our brands to espouse a framework that’s recognisable, familiar and engaging, in the same way that their customers’ favourite social media platform is.


In terms of photography, this translates into a natural and “real” aesthetic in product presentation. Placing products against a neutral background following a cool palette, we let the food speak for itself. This provides an antithetical point to the previously manipulated and highly staged photography that has previously been favoured in some markets.


We use every tool at our disposal, from mood boards to detailed guidelines around the layout and colour parameters. These guidelines help to clearly define the branding so that it can be recreated across a line faithfully and, if desired, later be evolved into an updated incarnation and ensuring it is sustainable throughout its future iterations.


We also involve the client from the initial instruction through to the final product, which enables us to deliver a creative, efficient and consistent solution. And by assembling a final team of brand guardians, we accomplish a world-class, seamless result.


For products that are Premium/Prestige, the updated branding will communicate luxury to the customer and make a visual statement about the great care that has gone into making the product itself. The result is that customers reach in greater numbers for the Prestige/Premium brand when they are looking for that mid-week splurge they need, the Friday night tipple they deserve or when bringing home a special treat to share with the family.


Could Equator bring excellence to your Prestige/Premium brand? Get in touch with the team to find out more.