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26 November 2018

Japanese inspiration for National Cake Day!

To celebrate National Cake Day, our Manchester designer and illustrator Sarah Heseltine has created a project based on the currently trending jiggly Japanese cheesecake.

Served from street food vendors, such as Uncle Rikuro's, to bakeries like Uncle Tetsu's, a particular Japanese cheesecake is becoming more and more popular around the world.

The native jiggly Japanese cheesecake, known more affectionately as “Fuwa-Fuwa”, is deliciously light and fluffy. Created in the 1980s, its texture is soft, more like a sponge cake rather than the rich and heavy cheesecakes, which are more popular in our supermarkets. But what really sets it apart is its amazing jiggle!

So of course, were we excited to try it ourselves.

Our packaging is inspired by both by the kimonos and masks traditionally worn and bought during festivals throughout Japan.