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25 April 2019

View from my desk – Paige Strohmaier

What is your role at Equator and how long have you been here?
My role is Design Director, and I’ve been with Equator one year in June 2019. I started the day that the Cincinnati office opened last summer!

What 5 qualities do you need for this role?
Vision, Motivation, Decisiveness, Creativity , Positive Energy

What is the first thing you do once you get to your desk?
Check my email and look at my calendar to see what’s on my schedule for the day, and of course start to collaborate with our wonderful team.

What is your favourite Cincinnati hang out?
I love our city parks (Image 1). Because of our location in the Ohio River Valley, there are many hills and scenic vistas from which to view the city surrounded by lovely greenery and nature. 

Who or what inspires a sense of adventure in you?
My dog Daisy (image 2). She wakes up every day so happy to be alive and up for anything. When I put my shoes and coat on to go outside, she literally jumps up and down about five feet in the air! When the weather is nice, I love to take her to the park to run around in the wooded hills and wade in the creek. She has no fear and is up to try anything.

Most enjoyable part of your job?
It’s hard to choose just one part! I love sketching and designing first round concepts. I thrive on inspiration and new ideas. What’s been really cool about working at Equator specifically is having the on-site photo studio. I love shoot days when I get to see the sketches and ideas come to fruition in such an incredible way. Lastly, being a director, it’s so cool to see the ideas the rest of the team comes up with and build off of those. Collaboration leads to the most outstanding ideas and solutions.

Best project you have worked on?
Again, hard to choose! I love working on Giant Eagle Market District because the style is very artisanal. The client likes each product to look like a different artist did a piece for the packaging. Within Market District, some of my favorites I’ve worked on are Sourdough Pretzels, French Macarons, Buffalo Chicken Dip and Crumbled Cheeses. I think food packaging is particularly fun to work on because it’s less serious than the beauty, pharmacy, sports or fashion categories. 

What can’t you get through the day without?
Coffee and my headphones. We always have a hot pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. Sometimes you just need that pick me up! When the office gets chaotic, I put on my headphones and tune into podcasts or motivating music to get me in design mode.  

What is your passion in life?
Travel and experiencing art, design and culture around the world. I also love reading, movies, getting out in nature and trying new things. There are so many wonderful forms of expression. (Image 3) is a photo from a recent Bob Ross painting class I did. We followed along with a video of Bob painting this mountain scene, and this was my result. It’s something I’d always wanted to do, as I remember watching his show as a kid and seeing him paint his “happy little trees”.

What is your most visited lunch hotspot?
For a quick grab ‘n go, the OTR Bagelry because it’s only a block from the office and they have delicious breakfast and lunch bagel sandwiches to satisfy any craving. If I have more time for a sit-down lunch, my favorite is Bakersfield. They have delicious tacos and guacamole. 

Last photograph you took on your smartphone (that is safe to be shared) – with a description. 
This is a photo of me at goat yoga this week (Image 4). I went with a few co-workers one evening after work, and it was truly an experience! The goats love to hop around and jump on your back while you’re doing yoga poses. It was delightful.