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06 December 2018

The View from my Desk

We asked Chris Lapsley, Head of Design & Strategy in our Sydney studio to share his thoughts, passions, musings etc. Here's what we found out....


1.       What superpower would you like to have?

Time travel to experience all the great moments in history and get a glimpse of what the future holds including what the winning numbers are for the up and coming Lotto draw!!

2.       Favourite Sydney hangout?

Weekend breakfast at Kapos Street Kitchen that does fabulous middle eastern inspired dishes, long lazy lunches with friends at Queen Chow that does amazing modern take on dim sum and the intriguingly named dessert ‘The forgotten koi fish in the frozen pond’, and a special dinner at 1 Penny Red, a lovely old converted post office, all within 3km from home. I can be seen at my local pub The Vic, which I’ve nick named Dibley due to the locals cliental who reminds me of the characters from the TV show The Vicar of Dibley, all mad. In the summer months the endless beach in Maroubra to catch some rays and surf. 

3.       What do you most want to know?

Will mankind ever be able to ‘beam’ (Star Trek) people and things around and travel faster than light. If so that would mean the end of the daily commute and all transport modes except for pleasure or sport. Awesome!

4.       Who or what inspires a sense of adventure in you?

My UK and Australian passports have opened the world to me, travelling to fascinating places and meeting the local people. I still have many more places to explore like India, Eastern Europe and Russia.

5.       What do you want to be when you grow up?

A pilot as I found it exciting flying back and forth between Malaysia and school in the UK. I flew gliders at school and still do on occasions in Orange about 250km inland from Sydney.

6.       Most memorable career moment?

My time client side as head of visual communication at Néstle Oceanania. I got to work with the top agencies in Australia and help shape the visual strategies for the all the Néstle brands here as well as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. I was also working with the sustainability team, pack technologist, Arthritis Australia and the innovation teams in developing better packaging solutions. I also got to travel all around Australia, NZ, US, Singapore, Malaysia and Switzerland. 

7.       Best place to grab lunch?

Great Thai, Italian and Japanese all around the corner and of course the Lord Roberts for traditional pub grub, although I usually bring my own left over from the night before.

8.       How do you recharge?

Reading a good book in the garden or at the beach. A twilight sail on our beautiful harbour. A weekend away either to the Blue Mountains, the wineries in the Hunter Valley or the whitest beaches at Jervis Bay all about two and a half hour drive from Sydney.

9.       Most enjoyable part of your job?

The wonderful team here in Sydney and collaborating with the fabulous teams globally. I still get excited working through the initial concepts that pushes the brief just that little bit further to hopefully achieve the wow factor from the client.

10.   If you were to build a company from scratch what values would you build it on?

Trust, empathy, engagement and authenticity. The ability to ask questions, fully listen and challenge to truly connect as these days consumers are accessing their own information and having their own conversations. We need to do new things to start new conversations.

11.   What can’t you get through the day without?

A large skinny flat white in the morning, copious amounts of water during the day and my noise cancelling headphones.

12.   Last photograph you took on your smartphone...

There is a misconception that Sydney is in perpetual sunshine, this is not the case especially in spring. We have had constant rain, wind and hail for the past two weeks, we can’t cope and neither can our umbrellas.