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12 April 2019

What does it take to create award-winning product packaging?

Inspiration, innovation, and most of all… a sense of fun!

These were the keys to our success in this year’s GDUSA Awards, and we are delighted to announce that Equator has come away with two nods in the prestigious competition.

The first recognition was for Equator’s internationally inspired designs, specially created to generate on shelf standout for ALDI’s premier coffee range, Barissimo.

Having a strong core-range identity, Barissimo’s Passport series packaging needed to convey vibrancy and flare as well as authentic sourcing in the far-flung locales of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Trumpeting elephants, flapping Kingfishers and an intricately woven basket pattern were utilised to communicate brand’s new foray into specialty varieties, showcasing the uniqueness and personality of the Single Origin Coffees. The design also needed to establish the products in a new tier while loosely tying them together – and it’s clear the new designs have made their mark!

Our second GDUSA win was awarded for Equator’s most playful project to date – Heinz Kraft JELL-O Play. The new product was, pun completely intended, a gamechanger for JELL-O, taking the traditional and well-loved Jell-O flavours and colours and creating a new concept product of fun and interaction for children and families. The highly collaborative project involved not just food and drink players, but toy companies also got on board to lend their expertise. The Equator Design team worked with the JELL-O brand team from the concept-design stage through detailed design, photography, artwork and production, with extraordinary results.

“Jell-O is a well-established, family-favorite brand, and we wanted to widen its appeal to a new generation of time-starved millennials and their kids,” says Katy Marshall, Marketing and Sales Lead of Springboard, a new Kraft Heinz platform. “Today’s working parents have limited time available for playing, cooking, and eating with their children. Jell-O Play enables them to combine all those activities in a single experience.”

Marshall continues, “While we provided a very detailed brief for the Jell-O Play project, we also trusted Equator Design’s interdisciplinary team with the creative freedom to fully explore the brief, which has resulted in a cohesive, sophisticated, eye-catching, and scalable packaging range. The JELL-O Play product line was met with tremendous excitement from consumers and media. The launch received over 500 million impressions with hundreds of placements across TV, print, and digital. The products are nationally available in major retailers including Walmart, Kroger, Target, and Amazon, and have generated positive consumer response.”

Creative Director Robert Hullinger based in Chicago said “This was such a rewarding project. Not only were we able to push ourselves creatively and tackle the complex executional challenges, it was a chance to reconnect with our own imaginations as designers and artists—and best of all, to suggest new ways through our design to bring families together through meaningful, active play. Inspirational from start to finish.”

The GDUSA Awards seek to acknowledge the “power of effective design to advance the brand promise and to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.” The awards recognise the best work that is being done in our industry today and help to emphasise the value that graphic design brings to business and society throughout the world.

Jen Gaeto, Senior Creative and Strategy Director for the US comments: “It is always wonderful to receive this recognition for the hard work of our team, from the effective collaboration of our designers, illustrators and photography department collaborating with our print management experts, all coming together to originate inspiring designs that complement the products themselves and its’ brand messaging resulting in a large number of elements combining into well-executed, world-class output. Congratulations to every member of the team, great awards are only made possible by a collaborative and shared vision with our clients.”