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Pure Balance is one of Walmart’s most premium brands – a range of cat and dog food created with only the freshest, healthiest ingredients and packed with pet-pleasing flavor.

To revitalize the brand and spotlight its status as a best-in-class pet food range, our team took a deep dive into the category and competitive set and explored trends within the space, leading to a refresh of Pure Balance’s brand positioning statement.

Walmart Pure Balance


In a highly competitive category, we knew the design had to break away from the pack and take a unique approach in order to stand out on shelf. Photography was integral. Our in-house team shot ingredients with minimal propping to create stunning, top-down imagery of the freshest cuts of meat and fish.

Crisp side-profile images of the animals were used against dark backgrounds – back for dogs and dark grey for cats – to create a premium feel and an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive look across the range.


For different product groups, like ‘Wild and Free’, a variant that focused on each animals’ instinctive nature, we used imagery of their wilder counterparts – a lynx and a wolf, respectively – with lighter on pack colors for differentiation, but the same side-profile photography for consistency.

Walmart Pure Balance

The resulting designs conveyed Pure Balance’s ultra-premium positioning across its range of dry and wet food, delivering an exceptional on-shelf presence and connecting with shoppers motivated by the health and wellbeing of their pets.

Walmart Pure Balance

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