Creating sun-kissed Spain from inside our studio

Creating sun-kissed Spain from inside our studio

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Equator is taking you to the Spanish wine region of Aragon. A region full of folklore and legend, where terracotta kissed towns nestle amid hill tops. And producer of our chosen wine- Solo Rosé.

Over the summer our teams have been inspired by some stunning locations and produce. This week we’ve had the pleasure of wine tasting in our studio, re-creating moments of sun-drenched Spain inside the red bricked walls of our studio.

Creating sun-kissed Spain from inside our studio

Is a dry wine packed with red berry flavours, perfect for pairing with soft cheeses, spring greens and summer fruits. This silky Spanish rosé is pale and rather provincial in style, and also pairs well with soft peaches as it’s colour suggests.


We set the table for a long, lazy lunch in the sun. Salty and sweet food pairings relaxingly spread across rustic boards, with berries and fruits echoing the pale peach rosé, while local cured hams and manchego cheese counter-balance with salty flavours.

Accompanied with simple rustic bread, the best olives and a drizzle of honey. This is definitely a wine to be enjoyed alfresco, or with a summer picnic.

Creating sun-kissed Spain from inside our studio
Creating sun-kissed Spain from inside our studio

Co-op’s Irresistible Solo Rosé comes from Campo de Borja, a Spanish (DOP) for wines northwest of the province of Zaragoza (Aragon Spain). The Moncayo Mountain is a dominating feature of the landscape, creating a micro-climate where vigorous and robust vineyards flourish, giving the wine a unique personality.

Carefully hand harvested from the bush vine Grenacha from the long- standing producer Bodegas Aragonesas, in collaboration with esteemed wine maker Javier Vela.


We carefully recreated that unmistakably Spanish sunlight, filtered through greenery and enjoyed from the shade. We were especially inspired by the beautiful Moorish town of Albarracinin in the region of Aragon, picking up on the soft peach plaster textures and authentic Azulejo tiles for a classic Spanish courtyard feel.

Creating sun-kissed Spain from inside our studio


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