24 May 2021


Equator has been named as Large Agency of the Year 2021 for the second year running at the Vertex Awards – the ‘Oscars’ of the private brand packaging world. We’ve also landed a further 14 awards for client projects both sides of the pond, which is what our ‘One Equator’ vision is all about.

To receive such a number of Vertex awards this year, as well as to be named Large Agency of the Year for a second time was beyond our expectations. We are especially thankful to the talent of our hardworking team for making this possible. It’s also inspiring to be able to work collaboratively with our roster of client partners who are keen to challenge convention with the aim of delivering bold creativity that gets noticed and chosen.

The projects, we have achieved an impressive array of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for include:


  • GOLD – Utopia Market Quinoa Puffs
  • GOLD – Barissimo Halloween Speciality Coffees
  • SILVER – Barissimo Cold Brew
  • SILVER – Clancy’s Unique Potato Chips
  • BRONZE – Barissimo Summer Coffees


  • GOLD – Grandma Pizzas


  • SILVER – ‘The Best’ Wines


  • SILVER – Boxed Granola


  • BRONZE – Triton Energy Drink
  • BRONZE – 7-Select Organic Coconut Water

Sam’s Club

  • BRONZE – Members Mark Plus+ Water 2.0


  • BRONZE – Espresso Pods


  • SILVER – Pure Balance
  • BRONZE – Ol’Roy

You can watch Michael Duffy, Global Creative Director accepting the awards on behalf of Equator here https://vimeo.com/549867726

In this interview, Michael discusses the ability of great design to deliver something meaningful and memorable and the importance of creative that dares to be different. He also shares some thoughts about where retailers should go next in their private brand journey, in order to stay relevant and to secure the buy in and loyalty of consumers.

As part of the 2021 My Private Brand Design Summit the Equator team also delivered two talks that you might be interested in watching:

Is joined-up thinking driving your brands forward or do siloed ways of working hold you back?

Today’s customers expect brands of all sizes to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience but faced with this demand many retailers struggle to mobilize disparate teams to work together towards a common goal.

Equator work with retailers to remove the stumbling blocks that come with siloed teams and help to develop an omnichannel approach which connects with consumers far beyond the physical shelf.

In this talk, Global MD Matt Caldwell, Global Creative Director Michael Duffy, and Global Strategy Director Marjorie Murphy, provide an understanding about the practical ways to imbed joined-up thinking and how, when done correctly, this leads to winning omnichannel outcomes.


Research – but not as you know it.

The team at Equator turn traditional consumer research on its head – with fresh tools and a fresh approach that enables retailers to better understand the expectations held by today’s consumers.

All brands evolve, but not all brands grow in the direction of their customers’ needs.

That’s why insights and intelligence into what consumers want today, as we enter a post-Covid retail landscape, matter. Research helps brands to align with the changing requirements of target customers, shedding light on these needs early on, and saving time and resource further down the road.

Equator’s Global Strategy Director, Marjorie Murphy and Consumer Research Manager, Jill Deegan, give the lowdown on consumer research – the Equator Way.


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